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Affliction Z Book Four Update

Published May 25, 2016 in Updates - 0 Comments

It is hard to believe so much time has passed since Affliction Z: Descended in Blood (book 3) was released. At the time, I thought it would only be a matter of six months until book 4 would be ready.

Then we decided to move. A decision which took away more time away from writing than I care to admit. I’ve been used to having a book ready every couple of months.

Once we bought our house and moved to a new state, I spent a few more months in the fixing things up state. There was always a project. Still is, matter of fact.

When I’d finally reduced the list to only a few items, I returned to work. But, suddenly, I found the task of writing a bit more arduous than it had been before. Not that it’s ever been easy, but usually, once I have an idea in mind, the words just kind of…flow.

That wasn’t happening.

At all.

It took a while to get back to form, and required the help of a few writing friends. But I got it together and am full-bore once again.

I’m two-thirds of the way through the 11th Noble book and the 2nd Tanner book.

For Affliction Z, I have my story lines plotted and part of the story written. Once the Noble and Tanner books are wrapped up (by end of June), I’ll return full-time to book 4. My goal is to have this book out before the end of summer.

Thank you for all the emails and comments. Keep ’em coming!