Affliction Z is a post-apocalyptic series written by L.T. Ryan, the bestselling author of the Jack Noble novels (Suspense Thrillers).

The first book in the Affliction Z series, Patient Zero, takes place eight years in the past. The second book takes place “now”, and follows four characters through the events of a zombie apocalypse. There are at least 2 more books in the series planned, as well as spin off novellas and novels.

The stories are fast-paced and thrilling. There is plenty of action, and a healthy dose of blood and gore. But behind the stories there is much, much more.


Talenajean Colley - September 27, 2013 Reply

Just finished the first book in your Affliction Z series and just wanted to let you know that it kept me thoroughly enthralled. I could not put it down. Great book!

    Afflicted - September 27, 2013 Reply

    Thanks! I’m glad you found it so enthralling!

susan - September 29, 2013 Reply

thanks for a good, well-written tale! It really stands out from all the other zombie stories.

    L.T. Ryan - September 30, 2013 Reply

    Thanks, Susan! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

Angie b - March 18, 2014 Reply

bought both books via Amazon, sat up and read both last night!!! Great writing, kept me going til the end! Best I’ve read in a LOOOONNNNGGG TIME!!! Can’t wait to read the next one, and thanks to you, I’ll be freaked by all the hacking coughs where I work tonight, in the ER!

    L.T. Ryan - March 18, 2014 Reply

    Oh, lol, you are reading the WRONG genre if you work in an ER!

    Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the compliment. Working on book 3 now!

Brice - July 2, 2014 Reply

Just wondering, when do you think the third book will be available?

Pamela - August 2, 2014 Reply

Just finished Affliction Z Patient Zero and have started on Abandoned Hope. Fantastic books, well written with the ability to build suspense. Really enjoying this series. Thanks so much.

    L.T. Ryan - August 2, 2014 Reply

    Thank you for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed them. Third is on the way.

Alexander - September 2, 2014 Reply

Found patient zero on amazon and got hooked! Almost done with abandoned hope and will patiently wait for the third book.

    L.T. Ryan - September 2, 2014 Reply

    Thanks – glad you enjoyed it. Book three is almost done!

Magic Marc - October 4, 2014 Reply

Hey, great book but I was wondering were do u get the second book, cuz It said that we get to read it free if we sign up for the newsletter.

    L.T. Ryan - October 4, 2014 Reply

    The second book, Affliction Z: Abandoned Hope, is available for purchase at Amazon, Apple, B&N, etc. Those who sign up for the newsletter receive a complimentary copy of The Sickness of Ron Winters, an Affliction Z story. If you singed up, you should have been directed to the download page for that story.

Chris - December 26, 2014 Reply

Merry Christmas! Just wanted to tell you how very much I enjoy this series….lots of “edge of your seat” action! This is a fantastic series-I’m really hoping it’ll continue on for quite a few more books cause I’m definitely hooked lol. A few years ago I thought to try out a new genre -so I bought my first zombie action thriller – and boy am I ever glad I did! Zombies are a blast -so gruesome and with such an enormous “yuck” factor you cant help but love it – lmao It’s always such an absolute treat for me when I “discover” another new author to add to my reading list so when I happened upon the Affliction series I was overjoyed. Looking forward to the next book….I bought and read the latest in one go it was that good…..

    L.T. Ryan - December 29, 2014 Reply

    I have a lot planned for the Affliction Z world, including some stories that don’t include Sean and Turk.

Lance - February 23, 2015 Reply

Over the last week I have read about 7 different zombie books and this is the only one I have not been able to put down and wanted to buy the series. Thank you and I look forward to the 4th book!


    L.T. Ryan - February 23, 2015 Reply

    Thanks, Lance! Great to hear that Affliction stood out in the crowd!

    4th book is in development.

Stephani Haskins - March 22, 2015 Reply

Just read the first 3 Affliction Z books, Actually first zombie books I have ever read! Great Reads. Now just waiting on the 4th book to be released. If there any other ones released in this series yet? Thanks. You are a great Author and I plan on purchasing some of your other books!!! Stephani

    L.T. Ryan - March 24, 2015 Reply

    Thanks, Stephani! The three you read are the only ones out right now. Working on the fourth, and putting ideas together for a few concurrent stories set in the same world.

Greg - April 27, 2015 Reply

Absolutely loved it! You become invested with each character unlike in WWZ!

April - May 2, 2015 Reply

loved the first three books, I read them all last night, I cannot wait for the fourth book

    L.T. Ryan - May 3, 2015 Reply

    If only I could write them that fast! Book 4 is in the works.

Jordan - May 5, 2015 Reply

I just finished the third book and omg I love it! I’ve read tons of z books and affliction z is by far one of the best. I absolutely can not wait for the fourth. I can’t wait to see what happens with Sean and what he decides to do about getting to Turk. Please continue writing the affliction z series! Thanks for the amazing addicting series, keep up the great work!! 🙂

scott r - May 15, 2015 Reply

great series. cant wait till next one. any idea when that will be ?

    L.T. Ryan - May 15, 2015 Reply

    We’re moving in a couple weeks, so that is drastically slowing things down. Hoping that once we are in the new house I’ll wrap this one up!

Gabriel forero - June 20, 2015 Reply

Love the books, already bought and read all three of them. Can wait for the fourth one. Expected date?

LuAnn Thompson - July 1, 2015 Reply

Ahhhh, I just finished reading the 3rd book. I stayed up late reading all the books. Not sure what I’m gonna do now. I guess i better start sleeping. Which comes to this…….You better finish the 4th book ASAP. I can’t wait. I’ve read alot in this genre and I can tell you that I loved your books the best. Thanks again and keep up the good writing.

Shannon - July 11, 2015 Reply

Eagerly looking forward to Book 4!

Kevin Macauley - July 16, 2015 Reply

I don’t read many books, at all. But I was bored during a military exercise and downloaded your first book. Well, I couldn’t put it down, then got the next 2. Waiting on the fourth now. I read more books on that exercise than I have in the last 5 years. Well done sir. Well done.

Heather S - July 19, 2015 Reply

This was the first book series I have read in a long time I wasn’t able to put down after I started. You kept me interested from the first paragraph. Great writing and plot! Patiently waiting on the next.

Fred George - July 29, 2015 Reply

Where is book 4!!!Im Still WAITING

Pat J - August 7, 2015 Reply

i am (not) patiently waiting for book 4. Any idea of time frame ??
I have gone through 7 of your books so far. They need to be longer 🙂

Renee lund - August 10, 2015 Reply

Hi! Love this series!!!! Very fun and exciting! ETA on the 4th? Chomping at the bits for it!!!!!

Heather - September 4, 2015 Reply

Great series! I’m so in love. I have been waiting patiently for book four. Any idea when we can expect it?

Joel - October 11, 2015 Reply

Book 4 ETA?

Joel - October 11, 2015 Reply

Read books 1-3 this week

Jordan - October 15, 2015 Reply

Excellent read. Very much excited for book four!!

Mike - October 20, 2015 Reply

Recently finished the first three books and I’ve truly enjoyed them. Great writing and plot lines. The detail is amazing. Now patiently (or not) awaiting book 4. Any word on when it will be available?

Thanks for the brave new (and scary) world!

PHIL s - November 4, 2015 Reply

Any news on the 4th book? I love them so much I can’t wait!!

Andy - December 9, 2015 Reply

The only problem I have with the affliction books is I have to wait for the next one!

Kristal M - December 12, 2015 Reply

Read the first three books in the series within a week. Couldn’t put them down. When will the fourth book be released?

Sarah - December 30, 2015 Reply

Must… Read…. 4th…. Book…. Before…. They…. Come…. To….

Audrey - January 14, 2016 Reply

Another devoted fan here! Have just found and read the Affliction Z series. Love it. While waiting for the 4th, i plan to pick up the Jack Noble series. Keep it up. Love your writing.

Joe - January 24, 2016 Reply

I really loved the first three books! And I was wondering when book 4 will be released?

    L.T. Ryan - March 14, 2016 Reply

    Glad to hear that you have enjoyed them! I’m working on book four and hope to have it finalized soon!

Jackie hearn - February 19, 2016 Reply

Hi , please, please can you tell me when book 4 will be released, my husband and I are desperate for the excitement to continue. Jackie

    L.T. Ryan - March 14, 2016 Reply

    Working on it! Had a few setbacks this past year, but things are in full go mode now! I expect book 4 to be ready this summer.

Emi - March 4, 2016 Reply

Hi there! I just finished the 3rd book of z! You do a great job! I hope you’re still working on the 4th because I can’t take another dying saga like GoT ;]. I’ve read countless z style stories but yours is very in tune with the survivor’s side of it & I love it. When the apocalypse hits, it’s not just about what caused it; it’s also about who’s left and how to deal with them. Can’t wait till book 4! Thank you!

    L.T. Ryan - March 14, 2016 Reply

    I am working on it! Don’t worry, the series will not die out. Just been “that kinda year” around here. I am working on multiple projects and getting everything into a funnel for release. Expect book 4 this summer. Glad you have enjoyed it thus far!

Ken Payne - March 18, 2016 Reply

Have read all the jack noble books and the Clarissa Abbott book. Just finished the third book in the afflicted z series. Have loved all of them. Can’t wait to read more of any of them.

    L.T. Ryan - May 25, 2016 Reply

    Thank you! Glad you’ve enjoyed all my works.

Peter - March 22, 2016 Reply

So excited!! Can’t wait to read the next one!!!

Wendy - March 26, 2016 Reply

Just finished books 1,2&3 – I don’t normally read fiction but I absolutely love the way you write! Now really looking forward to book 4 to see what happens next, please let me know when it’s available. Thank you, Wendy, London UK

Candy B - April 2, 2016 Reply

Love your books!!! Can’t wait for the fourth!!!

Neil Cohen - April 29, 2016 Reply

After reading Patient Zero, I received the Ron Winters short story. No spoilers but I have to say this was brilliant.

Karen Hamm - July 22, 2016 Reply

Anxiously awaiting book 4 in the Affliction series. Read the first 3 in days! On the edge o if my seat to see what happens! I need it soon!

    L.T. Ryan - July 27, 2016 Reply

    I am working on it and hope to have it ready in a couple months.

Jason Richardson - November 14, 2017 Reply

Is there ever going to be a book 4 in the Affliction Z series? We have been waiting for so long!

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