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Affliction Z: Fractured (Book 4). Counting Down the Days…

Published January 27, 2018 in Updates - 0 Comments

It’s been one hell of a ride since I put the finishing touches on book 3 and released it to the world. I expected things to roll right into book 4 — that’s how vivid the characters and world were to me at that moment — and that it would be ready to roll out Spring of 2015.

Then life happened, a series of events that culminated with the house fire — a year after we moved in — that displaced us for several months.

I love this series…

…It is a passion of mine…

…I’ve got tons of ideas how to build on the Affliction world.

But my Noble books pay the bills, and writing is my sole source of income. With everything that was going on, the time I was able to focus and write was mainly spent on the Noble series.

I managed four releases in those three years, which is very low for me.

Book 4 was on my mind during this time. There were starts and stops. But, well, remember how I called it a passion a few sentences ago?

It was clear to me I was forcing the story.

It just wasn’t there, at least, not the way I wanted it to be. There was no… flow or excitement. And it wouldn’t be fair to any of us for me to put out a soulless story, because, whether you realize it or not, every single one of these books has a piece of me in it.

Anyhoo, I’m happy to say those days are behind me. I’ve released two books in the past six weeks, and am closing in on a third. It is this one you might be most interested in…

See, I deleted everything I had for book 4 and started over, and the story is pouring from somewhere deep within, or, perhaps, from somewhere else, and I’m just the conduit.

Wherever it is coming from Sean and Turk and Addy and Emma and everyone else are vivid and real and working their way through a world dominated by not only the afflicted, but those survivors who prey on the weak.

This book, Affliction Z: Fractured, is going to editing soon. And as long as the issues returned to me are of the normal variety and I didn’t muss anything up too badly…

…book 4 is releasing in March, 2018.

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